Links to Resources

These links are provided as a courtesy.  District 15 is not responsible for the content of these sites.

General Service Office

Located in New York, New York, it is the international office serving the U.S. and Canada. The website contains pamphlets and information pertaining to alcoholism and its treatment, as well as information about A.A. in general. Also, there are links to find more about other groups nationally and internationally.

California Northern Interior Area Website

California Northern Interior Area (CNIA) is one of six A.A. General Service Areas in California and extends from the Oregon border in the inland valleys south to Kings and Tulare Counties. CNIA contains 29 active Districts including four Spanish Language Districts.

Intergroups (Nationally and in Canada)

The General Service Office has a list of Intergroup information from other states, as well as in Canada.

International Sites

Alcoholics Anonymous now spans the globe, with A. A. groups in numerous countries around the world. The General Service Office has assembled a list of the many groups that have provided information about themselves.

Al-Anon Family Groups of Northern California

Though Al-Anon is entirely separate from Alcoholics Anonymous, it uses the general principles of the AA program as a guide for husbands, wives, relatives, friends, and others close to alcoholics. Alateen, for teen-aged children of alcoholics, is a part of Al-non.

Hospitals & Institutions

The Northern California Hospital & Institution Committee carries the message of AA to the alcoholics that are confined.The donations to the Pink Can allow us to take literature into those who attend the meetings. For more information and to find out  how you can participate, click here.

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